Handcrafted Wooden Shield | #1

Handcrafted Wooden Shield | #1

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ARTIST | Jai Walker

THE STORY OF THIS PIECE: Jai used these shields as a teaching point for our youth. Using this larger sheiled, Jai was demonstrating some of the techniques that could be used on the youth's smaller shields (see here).

Jai 'Darby' Walker is one of Keeping Our Freedom Youth (KOFY) Mentors, working within KOFY's 'Toys Change Lives' Program. Jai works with our youth to teach them the traditional painting techniques unique to the Bundjalung region.

Jai is a accomplished artist, having exhibited in highly regarded Boomalli Gallery. KOFY is extremely fortunate to have Jai as one of our Mentors and highly recommend you keep your eye on his journey as we're certain he will be one of Australia's iconic Indigenous Artists in the next few years! (We're not biased at all!).